Please see below some important information regarding nominations and voting.

All acts must have performed in a club between January 2018 and December 2018.

Voting Procedure

The Australian Club Entertainment Awards are open to entertainers who have worked in the Club Industry within the past 12 months of the 2018 calendar year and are acknowledged within the nominated categories.

To provide integrity in the judging of the categories, a range of Club Industry people have been invited to nominate entertainers, bands, technical personnel and accompanying bands in the specified categories. To be included in the nomination/voting process, you need to be associated with the Club Industry as a Club Manager (including Entertainment Manager), Club Booker, Consultant, Agent or Artist Manager. If you fulfil this criteria and would like to be involved in the nomination/voting process, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact Debbie Hilder from St Johns Park Bowling Club on 02 9610 3666. 

The ACE AWARDS are decided over two rounds of voting, using the preferential system. Results are collated and finalists/winners are determined by an independent polling company. 

Round 1 nominations for the 21st Annual ACE Awards will open on Friday 8 February 2019 and close at 5pm on Friday 15 March 2019. Round 2 voting will open on Tuesday 26 March 2019 and close at 5pm on Friday 12 April 2019. 

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ACE Categories

1. Solo Piano/Vocalist – performs self-contained in Club lounges, restaurants or designated entertainment areas.

2. Solo Guitar/Vocalist – performs self-contained in Club lounges, restaurants or designated entertainment areas.

3. Duo/Trio – This category includes bands who can play commercial covers/dance music of any era (this category does not include Showbands, Tribute Shows or bands of all types).

4. Covers Band – 4 or more – This category includes bands who can play commercial covers/dance music of any era (this category does not include Showbands, Tribute Shows or bands of all types).

5. Country Performer – A male or female performer or band who is recognised predominantly as a country artist/s.

6. Compere – A solo performer who acts as compere, host or Emcee and works in the Club industry on a regular basis. Resident and non-resident comperes are eligible.

7. Technical Support – Sound and Lighting Operators – either resident or casual technicians working in the Club Industry on a regular basis.

8. Children's Show - The performance must be predominantly for children's entertainment and can include individuals or groups.

9. Accompanying Band – A band working in the industry who accompanies performers on stage.

10. Showband – A self-contained group of singers and musicians and/or dancers who are an integral part of the performance. This award does not include 'package shows' e.g. 4 acts plus a band or bands of all types.

11. Rising Star Award – Any new performer or group entering into the Club Industry within the last 3 years, who can perform on stage.

12. Sight Act – The act should be based predominantly on a visual performance by one or more performers who can perform on stage. e.g. jugglers, acrobats, magicians, circus acts, illusionists, puppeteers, ventriloquists, etc.

13. Comedy Act – The performance will be predominantly of comedy content and include individuals or groups who can perform on stage.

14. Vocal Group –The performance will be that of two or more artists who can harmonise and perform on stage.

15. Original Music Performer – This category covers an individual who performs music of any style and/or era which is their own original material. This category embraces Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, R&B etc.

16. Original Music Group – This category covers groups who perform music of any style and/or era, which is their own original material. This category embraces Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, R&B etc.

17. Instrumental Performer/s – A performer or performers whose act is based on the playing of an instrument or multiple instruments who can perform on stage.

18. Versatile Performer/s – An artist/s who is multi-talented and can perform a combination of two or more of the individual ACE categories and can perform on stage e.g. Vocal/instrumental, Vocal/comedy, Vocal/dance.

19. Dance Production – A totally produced show with a predominantly dance base, theme and performers who can perform on stage.

20. Production Show – A totally produced show with a particular theme or concept. This Award does not include ‘package shows’ e.g. four (4) acts plus a band, Showbands or bands of all types.

21. Tribute Show - A performance by an individual or group of singers and/or musicians and dancers featuring the music of a 'Legendary' and/or internationally acclaimed performer/performers or the music of an era who can perform on stage, in a 'cabaret' environment. (This category does not include package show e.g. 4 acts plus a Showband, Backing Band or Rock Band.

22. Venue Award for Excellence and Commitment – This Award is based on the club’s commitment to providing entertainment that works for the club size, community, members and guests. Entertainment can include many factors, sizes and genres. A continued, demonstrated and fresh progressive approach to delivery, marketing and support is a valued contribution to the entertainment industry.

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23. Female Vocal Performer - A singer whose performance is based on vocals.

24. Male Vocal Performer – A singer whose performance is based on vocals.

25. Club Performer of the Year – A performer or group already nominated in a previous category who is considered to be the outstanding Performer/s of the Year.